From the Secretary General's Desk

-Sparsh Bhat

“The ability to be an advocate for our true universal values is essential”


-Antonio Guterres


In this highly opinionated world every voice deserves to be heard. A place where we face never ending conflicts, a place known for its chaos, a place we call our home with the uncertainty around us, are we ever really  safe? From civil wars to territorial fights, to countries switching sides our hostile world holds it all. It is crucial that the voices of the people coming from same world are paid heed to. There are many who aim to alter these issues and head towards a world full of peace and tranquility.


MUN is one of the battlefields where everyone gets to exercise their viewpoints towards social issues that are affecting countries worldwide. In my opinion, not only does this shape an individual’s way of thought but also allows them to hear and be heard, letting them witness different ways of thought and showing them how to get theirs in. Manipulation and diplomacy are skills that have now become necessary for survival and what better way to learn them than via this journey.


Usually the importance of youth participating in such events is undermined. What is forgotten is that we need to develop and be able to hone these skills. They are the ones who will grow up to be our future politicians, our future diplomats, our responsible citizens. A better world needs to be worked towards and we at KCMUN aim to do just this with the best quality of debate, an unmatched E.B, experience and a wide range of thought provoking topics.


As this KCMUN family, we look forward to see you in many as we hope this conference will provide you with a broader perspective, help you become more confident, knowledgeable and self aware individuals. I hope that our months of hard work will exceed your expectations and hey will send you away with a memorable experience, you will remember for a lifetime.

Sparsh Bhat

Secretary General



From The President's Desk

                                                                           -Avril Attri

"Terrorism is the best political weapon for nothing drives people harder than the fear of sudden death."

                                                                        -Adolf Hitler

Dear Delegates and MUN Directors,

Terrorists are the masters of mind control. But unlike Hitler who is considered to be one of the greatest dictators this world has ever seen. I, consider terrorism as a mere fallacy, they kill a few people, but nevertheless manage to terrify billions and shake up huge political structures even the European Union or the United States. But we must answer one question before we proceed. What is terrorism? What is this social malice that has inflicted pain and suffering over the entire world for such a long time?

I like to define terrorism as a military strategy that hopes to change the political situation of a region by spreading fear rather than causing material damage. I consider terrorists as the world’s greatest actors due to the astounding disproportion between the actual strength of the terrorists and the fear they manage to inspire. But whatever the case may be, wherever one shifts his gaze, their presence is quite noticeable.


United Nations, the very organisation we seek to emulate has adopted the global counter-terrorism strategy on 8 September 2006.

With this I invite you to the 2nd annual session of KC model united nations 2019 where you will use your creative but most importantly your diplomatic mindset to offer solutions to ranging issues, all centred around one common theme: “ A FIGHT FOR HUMANITY” which are necessary for the new world order. I have full faith in you that you will make the most of KCMUN’19, assuring us that the future of the world lies in the hands of YOU, THE YOUTH to bring positive changes for the betterment of this world.

Yours sincerely,

Avril Attri



From The Director General's Desk

-Ayush Sharma

Even from last year, I think we've come a long way with this MUN and we can go farther if we work together. It will always remain an immense pleasure to work with a team of such gregarious people. People who make a work experience out of a conversation. There's a growth in one's intellect when one delibrates with some of the strongest minds in town. An MUN doesn't only give you an incomparable exposure but helps you, rather forces you to think of what's best for the world. You stop thinking for a community or a group but for everything that dwells on the face of the globe. I hereby invite you to be a part of this life changing experience, that we call KCMUN2019.

Ayush Sharma

Director General