About Us


KCMUN'20 is our 3rd edition of the KCMUN series and we are back with the Jammu's  debating phenomenon.

We at K.C. Public School believe in a democratic and free will and in the fact that every opinion makes a difference. KCMUN is a student-run conference that aims to simulate the workings of the real United Nations. It brings together students from all over Jammu to an exasperating battle of wits. KCMUN is based on the fundamental ideas of diplomacy, equality and self- expression. It is these ideals, carried forth by the enthusiasm and vigor of youth, which serve to form the base for our Model United Nations "KCMUN".  


A truly committed delegate will always leave the conference with a further enhanced sense of confidence, a greater comprehension of our world as an integral whole and sharpened debating skills. 


For three days, these students will debate, write resolutions and negotiate pressing global issues in an attempt to resolve them. KCMUN reflects the superlative quality of debate that we hope to continue at this year’s conference.

We will ensure that this committee provides you with an unparalleled experience of enthralling debate, analytical-thinking, and action and give the delegates an unforgettable experience.   


Hope to see you at KCMUN'20!!!