From the Executive board of Photojournalism

Welcome delegates to the second edition of KCMUN. 

This year we the members of Internationals Press are focusing on giving all the delegates an unparalleled reach -a reach not restricted by any boundaries of sovereignty or censorship. We, Media -the fourth pillar of Democracy possess extreme powers than rather most of us would like to acknowledge. Serving the people, with raw, truthful and sometimes the harsh realities of all the matters, bridging the gap between our very own International Bodies that take major decisions for us the people.

So the photographers of the committee would be having the immense responsibility of covering the event and at times taking sneaky blooper pics of the delegates or just simply enjoying the heat of committees whilst just sitting back in our chairs.

I thereby wish you all an awesome and memorable experience at the town's biggest MUN event.

See you all at KCMUN'19

Bhavya dev singh,

Head Photojournalism

From The Executive Board Of Reporting

It is my distinct pleasure to cordially welcome you to the second edition of KC Model United Nation 2019 ( KCMUN),

I am  sure that it is in your inherent knowledge, that journalism is one of the strongest and the most impactful tenet of the contemporary world. Establishment of public opinion as an authoritative critique and its aftermath has created a dimension that has changed the course of history as we know it.

The vision here is to create a journal which echoes the power of press or journalism. An ideal reporter or an interjector during simulations of international organizations and think tanks requires more research and presence of mind than an international delegate. The entire image of a press delegation without adequate research, is flawed. The very basic roots that this draft is based on are research and a strong value of transforming the role of press. This approach is referred to as an idealistic approach to journalism.

This will be an experience that you will cherish and it shall be etched in your memory forever. There will be deadlines, work, tempers flared and a lot of running around, but there will also be memories you create and the people you meet, and of course, the knowledge you gain. Just remember, that it is persons who make a team and not a team who makes the person.

This is a guide that will take you step by step in the realm of what are you going to face in the three days of conference. This guide shall take you through the notion and the methodology you will follow at KCMUN’19 and together we can create what we aspire!


Vaibhavi Sharma

Head of Reporting


Head Reporting

Vaibhavi sharma

Head Photojournalism

Bhavya Dev Singh