Message from the Executive Board


“A mind is never a problem. Mindset is”


Greetings Parliamentarians,

Indian politics has been a force that one should reckon with as it has always been dynamic, ruthless and extremely unpredictable. India has been a witness to many paradigms shifts in its political landscape as well. The Parliament, which is supposed to be the temple of democracy, hardly functions, primarily due to political differences. Our aim here would be to do what our predecessors couldn’t.


It is a pleasure to welcome you all to the All India Political Party Meet at the 2nd simulation of KC Public School Model United Nations. This year is a climax of many political showdowns, we are expecting some ground-breaking debating and some excellent negotiation on display.


Our country is home to the world’s second-largest population and we are poised to overtake China in terms of overall population in the near future. As the world’s largest democracy and the fastest developing nation, can India afford to take in more on a humanitarian basis like it has done for many years? Or should it now prioritize between humanitarian and national interests? We as the people’s representatives have to decide.


India is perhaps the most diverse nation on the planet but with the beauty of diversity comes to the difference of opinion. India has been tackling internal disputes for many years now, from Punjab to the North East. The question that arises always is whether the reservations are the only solution?


Now talking about myself, I’m Ribhav Mittal and I am an alumnus of KC Public School, Jammu. I have been an avid MUNer and have attended conferences both nationally and internationally. As such, my interests lie mainly in the field of Business, Economics and Politics. Your role as parliamentarians is to try and reach consensus without compromising the core values and ethos of your political parties. In a nutshell, thinking on your feet is what we want and nothing short of brilliance is what we expect.


Signing Off,

Ribhav Mittal





Ribhav Mittal


Kshitij Gupta